Daniel Ibeako

Daniel Chimdia Ibeako is from Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria. He is a graduate of physics from the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture and runs Feed Fine. Talking about how he ventured into his business, he avers, “Life after school has been filled with lots of peaks and valleys. As early as my 200 level days I had to work to get through school, cleaned toilets, and worked at restaurants amongst so many other jobs to make ends meet and be able to settle my fees, as my dad is retired and my mum a petty trader. As I finished University, a friend of mine linked me up to a writing job, the pay was not exactly rosy but just as the saying goes half bread is better than none. I had to move out of my parents’ place, got a single-room apartment to be closer to the place of work, I had settled a year’s worth of rent.

Things took a turn after 6 months, the manager in charge of giving out writing jobs to youths such as myself was moved to a different department, before leaving she, however, assured us to wait for a couple of months for the newly appointed manager as he would have a talk with the new manager to still continue to give us jobs. After exactly three months a new manager was hired but unfortunately for us, she said she came with her own writers and there was literally nothing she could do to help us out and just like that we were all laid off. There were days I would go without food, be sick without money to fund medical bills, to be honest, it was entirely God’s grace seeing me through.

Close to a week, I got a call from my girlfriend who is based in Uyo, she asked me to come to stay with her for a while until I find something to do and also get a place for myself, I accepted, well, I didn’t really have a choice. After a while, she suggested we visit her uncle who we expected could help out in getting me a job. On reaching his house, he offered us a drink popularly known as “Kunun aya” (tiger nut) and the taste wasn’t appealing, I couldn’t help but voice it out in a respectful way of course because her uncle had spoken highly of it and told us how he stocked up his fridge with it due to his love for the drink.

I went on to tell him I could actually make far better than what he was drinking at an even lesser budget, we were only joking about it and minutes before we left the uncle asked if I could make a little of mine so he can taste to see if my words can actually be backed up, we laughed about it and I left.

A couple of days passed, I decided to make it and take it to her uncle, I had initially gained knowledge of how to prepare it from my mum, I took my time and before I knew it was ready and I was off to go deliver it.  I still can remember the look on his face when he tried it, he smiled and voiced, “This is very nice”. There and then I thought to myself I could start a business of healthy natural drinks here in Uyo. That’s how the business name ‘Feed Fine’ came about.”

Daniel ventured into his business in January 2023 and he affirms that his business is profitable and one can make money from it. He further explains that his product prevents heart diseases and colon cancer, activates blood circulation, improves fertility, rich source of vegetable protein, is rich in mineral and energy content etc.

Daniel started his business with a startup capital of two thousand naira (N2000).  The high point recorded in the business so far is his ability to make one thousand five hundred naira (1500) on any supply he makes and the low point of the business is the lack of a steady power supply and refrigerator to chill the drinks and prevent them from going bad immediately.

Daniel has never thought about giving up in the face of challenges, he claims that the business enables him to cater to his needs.

Daniel produces Tiger Nut, Zobo, Kunu, Fruit Juice and Soya Milk Juice, presently he works alone and only gets voluntary help from his girlfriend.

Policymakers and investors can assist Daniel with funds to purchase a generator and a freezer to preserve his drinks.

Contact: 07069940483, daniel.ibeako@zohomail.com

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  1. I usually make tigernut myself don’t like to buy bit since I tried feed fines tiger but drink I can say for sure it’s refreshing. Have you tried their zobo OMG

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