Immaculate Idung, a University of Uyo graduate, spearheads “Immaculate Tint,” formerly known as “Gnudi Blossom,” a beauty brand specializing in special effects (SFX) and makeup. Her journey into the world of beauty was shaped by a childhood fascination with makeup in movies, particularly the intricate special effects like injuries, blood, and various transformations.

Initially, she believed these effects were real until research unveiled their makeup origins, sparking a profound passion.

Driven by her zeal, Immaculate resourcefully used everyday objects to experiment with effects, as she faced challenges accessing specialized products and tools in her locality. To enhance her skills, she dedicated countless nights to watching online tutorials and building connections with fellow artists. She diligently researched tools, materials, and skin-safe formulations.

Immaculate has thrived in this industry for the past two years, commencing with formal makeup training costing N54,000. She ventured into special effects (SFX) by immersing herself in YouTube tutorials and hands-on practice. Immaculate believes that, with the right connections and a solid client base, her business holds substantial profit potential. A major highlight was her work on movie sets, where she had the opportunity to apply makeup to Nollywood celebrities, including Mrs. Omotala, Mr. Bentoutou, Mr. Deyemi, and Mrs. Bambam.

Although she encountered daunting challenges, Immaculate’s determination has never wavered. She even faced a financial setback when she invested her funds in purchasing a quality smartphone with a superior camera to showcase her work. Immaculate primarily operates as a sole proprietor, but during peak workloads, she enlists additional hands to ensure top-tier service quality. Her business, however, is yet to be formally registered with the CAC.

Immaculate draws inspiration and guidance from her mentors, Ms. Bodurin Ibitola, CEO of “Saphiraisland,” and Ms. Joan, CEO of “JoJo’s Touch Worldwide.” She envisions that advancements in products, services, and technology will open new markets, fostering wealth creation and positively impacting the economy.

Immaculate believes that policymakers and investors can support her by providing grants to facilitate business expansion.

For inquiries, reach out to Immaculate Idung at 08184677436 or via email at

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