Racheal Temiloluwa

My name is Olafadehan Racheal Temiloluwa, a medical student at Olabisi Onabanjo University who has a keen interest in finance. I founded Krystal Savings on October 5, 2021. However, it was changed to Krystal Havilah Treasure House in 2023 as a brand name.

The business is solely based on Thrift Collection for now, but I look forward to expanding it to other key areas of financial growth and well-being. I love to see people achieve their financial goals and target with the money saved. In early 2021, I heard the news of my dad’s retirement coming soon and that brought great fear about how I would thrive because I was in my 2nd year in medical school then. I decided to save money for a business I could do, then I had the inspiration to do the business with other people.

Racheal Temiloluwa


I told my friends about it and was able to start the business with about 10 people and since then there has been massive growth. Many people make money but are not properly oriented on how to work out their financial well-being. The business helps people to be disciplined with money and oriented for their financial growth at a time like this.

My business helps people separate their wants from needs, spend wisely, budget, and keep to it.

I did not start my business with a startup capital only a pen and book for records. So far I have saved for over 200 people from different states in Nigeria and I have also been able to expand to Ireland, Canada, and London.

I also launched a Saving Challenge in June 2023 and I had about 30 new customers at once with just a plan. I have also earned the trust of several people which has led to constant referrals.

I experienced a low point in the business when I tried launching a plan in 2022 and I got no customers from it even with investments in advertising. Also in the early days of the business, I had to go through a lot to make the business trustworthy.

Racheal Temiloluwa

I have thought about giving up in the face of challenges, but the vision and purpose of this business give me the strength to go on.

The business is registered as Krystal Havilah Treasure House with the Corporate Affairs Commission. There are different saving plans available to suit the income of different customers. After a plan is curated, the customer is sent the terms and conditions ensuring discipline and trust while saving either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

There is a record card for each customer which is recorded and snapped to them after each payment to ensure accountability and transparency. Reminders are sent out regularly to remind customers of the time to top up their savings.

At the end of the plan, the customers receive the total money saved on the day agreed on. I am solely handling the business to ensure security and privacy.

I want policymakers and investors to educate me on finance to serve my customers better, and also educate me on what investing thoroughly entails. I aspire to be a financial coach who will walk people through economic crises unaffected.

Contact: 08142768255, krystalhavilahtreasurehouse@gmail.com

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