Meet Christopher Usuboho, a dedicated student in the Department of History and International Studies at the University of Uyo. He embarked on his journey of online entrepreneurship approximately six years ago.

Christopher’s entrepreneurial adventure has been nothing short of remarkable. With a starting capital of just N2,000, he ventured into the world of online business. Today, his business stands as a testament to his hard work and perseverance.

Christopher’s online business has not only been profitable but has also brought him significant successes. He has overcome numerous challenges without ever entertaining the thought of giving up. As a small business owner, he manages every aspect of his venture single-handedly.

Reno Omokri, a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial world, serves as Christopher’s inspiration. Christopher has gained invaluable insights and knowledge under his guidance.

Christopher believes that Entrepreneurs have the potential to address critical issues such as food insecurity and unemployment, ultimately making a substantial impact on society. Hence, his advice to budding entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: “Keep fear at bay.” .

To empower an entrepreneur like Christopher, policymakers and investors can play a pivotal role by providing access to funding and influencing policies that promote entrepreneurial growth and development.

Contact: 07067582947;

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