kindness udeme

Meet Kindness Udeme, the founder of Fish Feed Solution Cooperation. Her business specialises in turning trash into food for catfish consumption. The company recycles Bio-waste and Seafood waste into Bio Fish Feed for catfish farming, which is hygienic, healthy and weight-boosting for every catfish breed.

Kindness ventured into her business in 2019 and has been successful to date.

kindness udeme

The fish Feed business is lucrative because many people are venturing into fish farming. Kindness asserts that one can make money from the business from the sales of products and through training and consultancy. Kindness started her business with a startup capital of thirty thousand naira (N37,000).

Training over 1000 fish farmers and fish feed vendors, selling over 500 bags of fish feed, and the acquisition of permanent land for a factory are the high points recorded so far in the business. However, the low point in the business is not meeting the production capacity and the inability to purchase foreign machines to boost production.

Kindness has never thought about giving up in the face of challenges, she always looks for means to tackle her problems and not allow them to overwhelm her. Furthermore, she does not work alone, she only works as the operation officer and employs 5 production personnel and 1 quality control person to work with her, and her business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Kindness introduces Mr. Ime Uwah, Mrs. Mandu Udeme, Mr. Ahmed Mustapha, Mrs Meflyn Anwana and Elder Ubong Obot as her business mentors. Policymakers and investors can assist Kindness by providing grants, partnerships, collaboration and funds to purchase the necessary work equipment.

Contact: 08140209229,

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