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My name is Mrs Chioma Richard Ndem and I am primarily a farmer, an animal Farmer precisely. I run a Livestock Farm business in partnership with my husband, Engr. Richard Ndem, an Electrical Engineer by profession. The name of our farm is called Richy’s Livestock Farm.

It’s important to begin by saying the vision of owning a Livestock Farm was firstly my husband’s, who has been doing it on a micro-scale since adolescence. On and off because he also is a passionate Electrical Engineer and mostly paid attention to this side of his career because he hadn’t gotten the desired funds for the scale he wanted to operate on. At some point, he wanted to resign and take a plunge fully into agric businesses but funds haven’t been available.

I, on the other hand, a Computer Scientist fell in love with farming and agribusiness through his constant description of the kind of farm he wanted to run. This became our big dream from our courtship days but we kept believing for funds to launch out.

We eventually launched out with the much we had this February because for several years my husband and I have watched our ageing parents grapple with strict dieting to stay alive. We saw the need to begin to feed healthy too, in order to enjoy a crisis-free old age. For more than 4years we have consistently maintained white meat diets with lots of veggies and fruits. We have also taken it upon ourselves to educate our community of middle-aged people to eat healthily.

However, low-income rates prevalent in this clime make it difficult for people to eat based on health benefits. So we decided to venture into livestock starting with poultry farming, to meet the ever-rising demand for affordable healthy protein sources, first for our family, then the community and of course to make a profit.

We launched out in a rented space in February 2023 just before Nigeria’s general elections.

The revenue from livestock farming is enormous, and more importantly has the potential of steady growth as one increases operations, especially as people are beginning to see the need to eat healthily. With over 3 million people living in our City, Aba Abia State, 50% already see the need to maintain healthy protein sources. Agric-business with the right facilitation is Nigeria’s best bet at rescuing our dwindling economy.

Our edge in this livestock business is first of all literacy, our knowledge of animal farming stemming from years of research and learning, and our understanding of the Livestock market. Then our digital marketing skills as tech-savvy people.

We started with N500,000. Our high points have been successfully raising our second set of 150 birds and losing none while our biggest low point was losing about 60% of our first 150 birds because we rented a place we could afford which had a residential building inside and the occupants tampered with the breeding. We also suffered theft because we couldn’t afford to pay for exclusive security.


I have never thought of giving up in the face of challenges. This is because this business has great prospects once we invest the right amount to keep it afloat plus we would be happy to be recognized as frontline campaigners for healthy living in our community.

I and my husband are hands-on Farmers but we also have 2 extra hands to help us during breeding where the birds need a lot of care, and to regularly clean and disinfect the poultry. Mr John Iroenyenwa, a Finance Specialist and Mr Kelechi Nnanna, a Business Development Coach. are my business mentors.


Policymakers can help us put a check on the constant inflation of feed and the birds. Investors can help us secure our own property so that we can erect proper structures and run the business without external interference.

Investors can also increase our scope of operations by funding the increase of our animals. We hope to expand beyond poultry and into other livestock farming such as fishery, piggery, rearing of goats and even snail farming.

We would also like an opportunity to present our business proposal that will give a detailed analysis of our business potential.

Contact: +234-7033538692,

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