D'lish diner

D’lish Diner is an online food business. This business was launched in Lagos but subsequently registered its presence in Uyo. This business caters to individuals, groups, offices and organizations who need different types of soup, stews, and sauces in bulk.

This business was launched in 2021, it was borne out of a deep passion for healthy cooked meals, and the quest to provide food for Lagos residents who consume lots of unhealthy meals hungry and exhausted from work.

The food business is one of the most lucrative businesses anybody can venture into. People cannot survive without food and so consume food every day. Moreover, many people do not have the time to prepare food, so they patronize food vendors, hence enriching them. Moreover, to make money from the food business, you have to invest your money, time and energy. This business was started with a startup capital of two hundred thousand naira (N200,000).

The challenge faced in this business is the lack of adequate funding to expand the business and stock up products in bulk. The owner of this business has thought about giving up in the face of challenges, especially when the business runs at a loss. The business is not operated by a single individual but by a group of people, and the business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

The business mentors for this business are Otwists, Foodace, FreesiaFoods, and Chef Eros. Policymakers and investors can assist this business by making it possible for SMEs and local businesses to access short-term loans.

Contact: 08064764007, dlishdiner@gmail.com

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