jemilat oyiza

Meet Jimoh Jemilat Oyiza, the founder of Jemi’s Empire, a business that deals in Abayas, both Egyptian and Dubai brands, men’s Jallabiyyas, Indian and Dubai Bubu, gowns, and more through dropshipping. Jimoh also sells thrift wear by way of investing her money.

She ventured into her line of business in November 2021 and she affirms that her business is lucrative and one can make money from it. According to her, “I sell something that when people see it, it gets their attention and they will be willing to patronize me”.

Jemilat started her business with a startup capital of ten thousand naira (N10,000)

She is looking forward to recording successes in her business. The low point of her business is the lack of funds to expand her business. However, she has never thought about giving up in the face of challenges, she believes that when there is life, there is hope and the possibility of making it.

She works alone. She goes to the market, buys the products, takes pictures of them, and posts them on social media platforms for patronage. Moreover, her business is yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Policymakers and investors can assist Jemilat with funds to expand her business and mentor her on how to deal with business challenges.

Contact: 09123946643

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