oduduobong ndiok

oduduobong ndiok

Shoes are a very important element of dressing; they complement our attire. Shoes are always in demand and this makes the shoe-making business very lucrative. Despite being lucrative, many people have fallen out of this business. If you want to run a successful shoe business, read this story of Oduduobong Ndiok to know what has kept him in the shoe business for years now and how he overcomes his challenges to keep expanding and thriving.

Oduduobong Ndiok is from Akwa Ibom state, he has a Higher National Diploma in Nautical Science and is also the founder of Papzeshoes and Leather Works. The quest to survive after job-seeking for years without any breakthrough prompted him to start the shoe-making business six years ago. Shoe business is a high income generating business and Oduduobong affirms that one can earn from it.

The shoe-making business does not require a substantial amount of capital to start.  According to Oduduobong, he only started his business with twenty thousand naira (20,000). The high point recorded in his business is the ability to relocate to a more spacious workspace with sophisticated machines to boost productivity. However, the low point recorded in his business was when he was robbed. The incident took a toll on his business and it nearly crumbled.

Challenges are inevitable in businesses, but overcoming them makes the whole difference. Oduduobong has encountered many challenges in his business and although the thought of giving up in the face of these challenges always creeps in, he always dismisses it immediately because to him, giving up on his business is not an option.

Oduduobong does not work alone, he has staff and trainees working with him to fasten production. Also, his company, Papzeshoes and Leather Works is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Entrepreneurs need mentors to stay focused and thrive in their businesses and Oduduobong presents Mrs. Meflyn Anwana and Mr. Ime Uwah as his mentors.

Oduduobong is seeking financial help from policymakers and investors to execute his Shoemaking School Project. He asserts that he makes the best shoes; you can purchase your quality shoes from him or learn shoemaking from him to start earning too.

Shoe-making business is lucrative, nobody ventures into it and regrets it. If you have been contemplating starting this business, get motivated by the story of Oduduobong and swing into action.

Contact: 07080010418, ondiok@yahoo.com

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