Nsisong Udoka is a student from the Mathematics department. With a vision in mind, Nsisong ventured into the world of printing in 2014. Armed with computer graphics and printing skills, he embarked on his journey.

The economic potential of his printing business is undeniable. In a society where printing and publicity services are in demand on a daily, it creates a steady stream of income, making it a money-making opportunity.

With an initial investment of N150,000, Nsisong set his business wheels in motion. His high points and successes have been substantial; his earnings have supported his pursuit of higher education, a feat he’s grateful for.

Challenges have their place too; gaining new clients and acquiring modern digital printing equipment has proven to be a hurdle for him. Through challenges and triumphs, the thought of giving up never crossed his mind.

Nsisong draws inspiration from Calligraphy Printing Press, his mentors in the business world.

Nsisong seeks the assistance of policy makers and investors in acquiring new digital printing equipment to enhance his business operations.

His advice for potential entrepreneurs is that his line of business is a venture worth considering. When it comes to the impact entrepreneurs can create, Nsisong sees a reduction in unemployment as a significant outcome.


Phone: 08144809414

Email: cestbienmedia01@gmail.com



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