Gideon Sunday, a passionate individual, finds his calling in photography and visual design, driven by a deep appreciation for excellent visual displays. He also possesses a love for public speaking and presentation, aiming to represent God’s brand on Earth.

In 2021, his journey into this creative realm began, with the goal of turning his passion into a thriving business. Gideon recognizes the economic potential of his craft, believing that it can be an excellent source of income. While his business is still in its early stages, he has already experienced moments of success, particularly when his clients are satisfied with his work. However, Gideon faces challenges related to acquiring essential tools like a laptop and camera lighting equipment. Though he has contemplated giving up at times, his determination perseveres. He primarily handles the work himself, with occasional assistance. His business is not yet registered, but he looks forward to structuring his business policies. Jerreal Photos serves as his mentor in the field.

Gideon hopes for assistance from policymakers and investors in obtaining essential working tools and guidance for business structuring.

His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is simple: love what you do. He believes that entrepreneurs can contribute to job creation and economic stability in the state.

Contact Information: 09131170904;

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