Idaraobong Bassey, an ambitious undergraduate student at the University of Uyo pursuing Business Management, embarked on a transformative mission to address hunger. The idea struck her in the midst of a global lockdown in mid-April 2020. While others might have seen confinement, she saw an opportunity. Fueled by the inspiration within her surroundings, she channeled her energy into processing locally available grains, legumes, and nuts – guinea corn, yellow corn, millet, soybeans, and groundnuts, crafting them into delightful and nutritious cereals. Her pursuit didn’t stop there; she also ventured into crafting plantains and banana flour, diversifying her product range to cater for diverse consumer preferences.

What actually distinguishes her enterprise is its twofold impact: it is not only a financially feasible endeavour, but it also provides a tangible answer to the food crisis.

Her entrepreneurial journey has generated remarkable outcomes despite a minimal capital of 5,000 naira. Her inventiveness and hands-on attitude have enabled her to not only manufacture but also effectively promote her products. Despite the lack of official business registration with the C.A.C, the market’s encouraging response demonstrates the market’s interest in her products.

Idaraobong’s journey has faced challenges, including limited resources and limited production of raw materials. Despite these obstacles, she has persevered. She wishes to expand her expertise and diversify her product line, introducing new products like oats, custards, Golden Morn, and Cornflakes.

While much of her journey has been self-guided, she seeks mentorship and guidance in entrepreneurship. She recognizes that in order to truly achieve her aspirations, she requires the assistance of policymakers and investors. She envisions a future in which her brand thrives, and she urges policymakers to assist it do so. She specifically asks for their help in obtaining relevant certifications and registration, including those from NAFDAC. She also seeks financial support not only to improve packaging and obtain necessary production machinery, but also to strengthen successful methods of advertising.

Her journey from a student to an innovative food entrepreneur is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and vision to create positive change. As she forges ahead, she remains committed to her purpose, knowing that her efforts are not only reshaping her life but also the lives of those around her.

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