Ekemini Sunday Jimmy is a young entrepreneur hailing from Ikot Abasi LGA. He runs a business focused on connecting young people to various platforms that enable them to learn and earn a living. He was inspired to start this business after witnessing the benefits his colleagues were gaining from such platforms. His business venture began in early 2020.

Ekemini’s initial capital for his business was ₦5,000, and he has found that the business has the potential to generate monthly earnings ranging from ₦10,000 to ₦50,000.

He highlights a significant achievement in his journey where he earned ₦50,000. Despite challenges and thoughts of quitting, his determination and courage kept him on the path.

Ekemini believes that the structure of a business greatly influences its profit potential. He is currently running a private business and draws inspiration from a mentor in the ‘Crypto world.’ He expresses his gratitude for his experiences in various competitions and sends his blessings to those who have organized them.

He seeks Policymakers and Investors to assist in connecting him with network of businesses and partnership.

In terms of the impact on the economy of his state, Ekemini believes that if entrepreneurs like him can make their businesses known and inspire others to join in, it would create a positive economic influence. His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to wake up from any complacency, consider partnerships, and work towards a united goal.

Contact: 0816847135; jimmyekemini18@gmail.com.

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