Iniobong Adiakpan is a dedicated undergraduate pursuing a degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension at the University of Uyo. Iniobong’s journey into entrepreneurship began early, despite initial shyness towards marketing and trading.

Iniobong firmly believes in the vast economic benefits of agriculture, which encompass income generation, job creation, and food provision. Profit-making is a driving force behind entering the agricultural business, as it offers substantial financial rewards.

Contrary to the perception that agriculture is a low-cost endeavor, Iniobong invested a significant capital into his business. He acknowledges that agriculture involves expenses that extend beyond what meets the eye. However, his venture has yielded substantial turnover, showcasing the potential of agricultural entrepreneurship.

Facing challenges is part of the agricultural landscape, and for Iniobong, the high prices of feeds and medications pose significant obstacles. Despite contemplating quitting, he remains resolute in his commitment.

Iniobong currently manages his business independently, with additional help on the farm. He’s in the process of formalizing his business registration.

Guidance and inspiration come from mentors like Mr. Ekpeno Gold, Evang. Unyime George, and Mr. Nkereuwem, who have played pivotal roles in shaping his agricultural journey.

Iniobong’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs underscores the importance of knowing one’s target audience and ensuring readiness to purchase when the goods are ready for the market. He emphasizes that SMEs are the largest employers of labor, contributing significantly to reducing unemployment rates and boosting the Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) of the state.

Iniobong envisions partnerships or investments from policymakers and investors to enhance and expand his agricultural enterprise.

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