Emmanuel Anwana, an entrepreneur known for his simplicity and inclusive approach to life, ventured into the world of transport business not only for personal fulfillment but with an eye on the business opportunities it holds. His journey, fueled by a deep desire to learn the skill, began with a humble starting capital of N10,000.

Emmanuel acknowledges the economic potential of his chosen path, emphasizing that one can indeed earn a livelihood as a skilled driver. His aspiration is to establish a successful driving business, marking his high point on this entrepreneurial path, despite facing moments of dependency, a challenge he strives to overcome.

Emmanuel’s business primarily revolves around his aspiration to become a professional driver, with Dangote serving as his role model, inspiring him to reach for greatness. Emmanuel believes that policymakers and investors can assist by providing him with the means to obtain relevant licenses and a vehicle.

He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to take gradual steps towards their goals, contributing to the economy by facilitating the easy movement of goods and people.

Contacts: 08142915024; anwanaemmanuel53@gmail.com

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