isaac sandy

My name is Isaac M. Sandy. I am an indigene of Uyo LGA of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. I hold a degree in Human Anatomy from the University of Uyo, and I am the founder of The Mathics. The Mathics is an Educational Organization with the goal of reducing the phobia of Mathematics in the hearts of students founded in 2022.

My motivation in founding The Mathics springs from a deep-rooted passion for education and a compelling vision to transform students’ perception of mathematics. With a fervent belief that every student can conquer their math fears, we aim to establish an innovative and nurturing learning hub.

isaac sandy

The Mathics holds promising economic potential in various ways. It can generate revenue through enrollment fees for math programs and courses. Additionally, offering specialized tutoring services or workshops can attract students seeking personalized assistance, contributing to further income. Moreover, the Mathics’ success in alleviating math anxiety can result in sustained growth and profitability.

I started the business with a startup capital of twenty thousand naira (20,000)

The Mathics achieved a notable milestone of success when a significant number of its students showed remarkable improvements in their math skills and a substantial boost in their confidence levels. This was evident through consistently high test scores, positive feedback from students and parents, and a growing reputation for effectively addressing math phobia.

Although The Mathics has experienced remarkable success, it has its challenges. Some of the low points were experienced during the initial stages when the organization faced difficulty in attracting students due to scepticism about overcoming math anxiety and financial strain. However, these challenges were valuable learning experiences, prompting the organization to refine its strategies and adapt to better meet the needs of its students.

I have thought about giving up in the face of challenges but with the vision constantly in my mind, persistence becomes a watchword. I don’t work alone; we work as a team comprising 4 young Nigerians who are dedicated to their work. The business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, although we are registered with SMEDAN.

Policymakers and investors can provide financial support to enable us to get registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, expand the business reach, develop new programs, and enhance its resources. They can also offer mentorship and guidance to help the Mathics navigate business challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

We appreciate the organizers of this project for their unwavering efforts towards the growth and stability of young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Contact: 08138370965,

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