Aniebiet Antia is the Chairman of Antia’s Farm. Antia’s farm is operated on 4 hectares of land in the Itam Industrial layout. Plants cultivated on the farm include fresh tomato, cucumber, watermelon, etc. Aniebiet ventured into the farming business in 2019. He affirms that the farming business is lucrative. Everybody consumes farm produce and without farmers, there wouldn’t be food. According to Aniebiet, Agriculture gives credence to all professions.

Aniebiet Antia

Depending on the type of farming you want to venture into, you can either start with a considerable amount of money or a small amount of money. For Aniebiet, he started his farming business with a considerable amount of four hundred and seventy thousand Naira (N470,000). He first started on one plot of land.

The high point recorded in his business is the ability to grow from 1 plot of land to 4 hectares of land and the ability to always cultivate what seems impossible to cultivate in the Southern part of Nigeria. His low point in the business was when he lost a 9-million-naira tomato farm to rainfall.

Aniebiet has thought about giving up in the face of challenges, but the zeal to continue is beyond the thought of giving up, so he remains on track and keeps pushing forward.

Aniebiet does not work alone, he has 7 employees working for him and his business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Furthermore, he presents Engr. Daniel as his business mentor. Policymakers and investors can assist Aniebiet financially to expand his business and boost production.

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