Meet Abigail Ebuk, a dynamic entrepreneur behind two ventures: “Tales of an Afrikan Girl Network Studios” and “Agro-Space Farms.” She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2019, driven by the understanding that agriculture is essential for households worldwide and plays a vital role in any country’s economy. Abigail’s ‘Agro-Space Farms’ aims to contribute to this sector, while her second venture, ‘Tales of an Afrikan Girl Network Studios,’ taps into the thriving entertainment industry, portraying African culture, values, and norms to a global audience.

Starting her agro-business with an initial capital of N120,000, Abigail has achieved significant success in the agricultural sector. However, like any business, she faces challenges, such as limited access to funding, hindering her expansion efforts. Nevertheless, Abigail views these challenges as opportunities for growth and remains resilient.

Abigail’s business structure has evolved over time. While she initially managed everything independently, her growing ventures now require additional hands, with plans to hire more staff as they expand. Although her businesses are not yet registered, Abigail is committed to formalizing them.

She draws inspiration from Professor Wole Soyinka for her literary and entertainment work and looks up to Pastor Mattias of ‘Matt Farms’ as a mentor in the agro-business.

Abigail offers valuable advice to aspiring agro-entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of meticulous planning, including a robust business plan. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, identifying threats and opportunities, defining your target market, financial projections, and expansion strategies are key to success. She also encourages unemployed youths to start small businesses, aspiring to be problem solvers and world changers rather than seeking shortcuts to success.

Abigail believes entrepreneurs can create jobs, enhance food security, and improve agricultural practices. Additionally, storytelling has the power to bridge cultures and unite people.

Policymakers can support Abigail by providing funding opportunities to facilitate the expansion of her businesses.

For inquiries, you can contact Abigail at 09051966281

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