Let’s introduce Otu Gold, a dedicated student who has embarked on a journey in the world of telecommunication services and e-book sales. He recognized a niche that caters for students and individuals seeking convenience and knowledge. Otu Gold’s foray into this business occurred just two months ago, driven by the need to support himself while in school. His line of business includes the sale of airtime, data plans, utility bills, TV subscriptions, and e-books that offer valuable insights and training.

His venture holds significant economic potentials. With the accessibility and relevance of telecommunications services in our daily lives, there’s a consistent demand. Students find it convenient, and individuals appreciate the ease of purchasing airtime and other services without leaving their homes. Starting with a capital of N10,000, Otu Gold’s determination and hard work have allowed him to expand and reinvest over time. His efforts have already paid off as he has successfully served numerous customers, aiding him in meeting his needs. Of course, challenges do arise, and there are days with no patronage. Yet, Otu Gold remains resilient, driven by his unwavering determination from the outset.

Currently, his business is managed solely by him, and though not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, expansion plans are on the horizon. He enlists the help of friends for advertising purposes, understanding the importance of visibility.

Influenced by successful entrepreneurs like Mr. Edet and Mr. Noxa, Otu Gold seeks support from policymakers and investors through financial assistance and advertising to take his business to the next level. He believes that the impact of entrepreneurs on the state’s economy is quite clear as a result of patronage and advertising. With his dedication and the support of patrons, he envisions contributing more to the state’s economy.

His advice to budding entrepreneurs in his line is simple but impactful: Stay consistent and start with a solid capital foundation.

You can reach him on: 09060463758; otugold456@gmail.com

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