ini ubong umoren

Meet Ini Ubong Umoren, a Fisheries and Aquatic Environmental Management graduate, an entrepreneur, and a volunteer. She is a food processor vendor and also operates drying and dehydration services. Her business has to do with the production, processing, and packaging of all forms of edibles.

She ventured into this business in 2019 after realizing that many people waste agricultural produce and lack the knowledge to convert them to another form of food for consumption.

Ini avers that there are many ways to make money from her business including the processing, selling of already processed foodstuffs, and the drying of foodstuff for durability. She has a machine that she uses for drying and charges people for the services.

Ini started her business with a startup capital of one million naira (N1000000). Getting high patronage and recommendation from different people, and getting a 200-smoking kiln are the high points in her business. However, the low points in the business are the losses incurred when she tries out new methods she is not conversant with and the inability to meet demand because of a lack of machinery to boost production.

Ini has thought about giving up in the face of challenges on many occasions, especially when she gets choked and fed up with numerous business-related problems, however, she has promised to stay strong and run the business race without giving up.

Ini does not work alone as the business requires more people. She employs people to work with her. Moreover, her business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Ini claims that she draws her mentorship from solid and reliable businesses in the world especially those owned by women. She wants policymakers and investors to assist her with visibility, mentorship, and funding to purchase the necessary equipment – generator, 16 trays dehydrator, etc. – and move to a bigger space to boost productivity and grow her business beyond its current setting.

ini ubong umoren ini ubong umoren ini ubong umoren

She appreciates the organizers of this program for the opportunity to tell her story.

Contact: 08088157776,


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